What is a Frnd?

Let’s be Frnds…

A “Frnd” is a fun, driven individual that wants to make their time and space make them money…in their community! See “What is Frnd-Ships?

Frnds at Home

Home-Based Fulfillment Center

These Frnds utilize a Frnd-Ships certified space in their own homes to store products for vendors. They control inventory and dispatch of sales, returns, and exchanges.


Home-Based Fulfillment Centers are responsible for inventory receipt (inspection, scanning, tagging, and quality control) and managing inventory reports. These Frnds will be given the customer’s order which they will need to fulfill and prepare for courier pick-up. Secondly, these home-based Frnds will process product returns and exchanges.

Eligible Home-based Fulfillment Centers

Home-Based Fulfillment Centers may be placed in homes that pass Frnd-Ships’ inspection and have a minimum of 150 sq. ft. However, if you have questions on eligibility, please click the button below to contact a Frnd-Ships representative.

Frnds On the Go


Our Frnds On the Go are the carriers… the face of Frnd-Ships. They are the representatives of our dedication to community and safe deliveries.


Courier Frnds will receive a notification to pick up a pre-prepared order from a home-based fulfillment center. They will then deliver the order to the customer the same day or at a designated time set by the customer.

Eligible Drivers/couriers

Couriers must be at least 21 years old, have an excellent driving record, a state-inspected vehicle, and become Frnd-Ships certified.