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Offer free food delivery and rides to your customers

The Benefits of Partnering

By partnering with Frnd-Ships, you can expect the following:

  • Increase bookings
  • Increase amenities
  • Free food delivery
  • Free transportation
  • Rewards system
  • Get a premium business listing
  • Be a part of our local network
  • Access to our print distribution

Ultimately increase sales and revenue by offering what no other local business offers for:

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Guests can utilize our food delivery service from local restaurants. Guests can also plan excursions using our Frnd Ride app for transportation to local restaurants and local tourist hot spots.

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Luxury Apartments

Offer tenants free food delivery service thru the Frnd-Ships app. Tenants can also use the rideshare Frnd Ride app to get around town.

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Airbnb hosts

Airbnb hosts can offer their guests free food delivery service as well as rideshare transportation via the Frnd Ride app.

Lets be Frnds…

At Frnd-Ships not only do we want to provide an affordable, quick food delivery and rideshare but we’re in this to create opportunities for the communities that we are delivering to!

Now more than ever, Frnd-Ships is dedicated to building community-based bridges between merchants and their customers.

Explore what you can do with Frnd-Ships

Local San Antonio, TX Delivery Service

Picture of a guest ordering food on their cellphone app
Food Delivery Service

From the free Frnd-Ships app, guests can easily browse local food fare, place an order, pay, and have their order delivered to them.

Our Frnd-Ship app is available for download for:

Picture of a guest ordering a rideshare transportation service
Rideshare Transportation Service

Partnered with Frnd-Ships, guests can also utilize the free Frnd Ride app and be transported to local hot spots to include:

  • Local Restaurants
  • Pet & Kid Friendly Businesses
  • Tourist Hot Spots

Rewards Program

Guests can start earning rewards every time they use Frnd-Ships! When you spend a minimum of $19, you can earn 1 point for every $5 spent. 20 Points get you $5 off your next order.

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Get A Premium Frndship Profile

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